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To start us off, i’ll tell you a bit about Green Faery.

Green Faery had been ‘open’ for business since about August 2007, launched only a couple of months before my 2nd child was born (so it’s been pretty hectic).

I have believed in fairies for as long as i can remember and it has always been a dream to have my very own ‘fairy shop’. One day, i hope to have a bricks and mortar fairy wonderland, but for now, with my two little goblins at home, the world wide web is the place for me.

Green Faery stocks an ever growing range of unique and enchanting gifts for all ages and occassions, from babies, kids and tweens to teens and grown ups. Most of our ranges are pretty girly, but we sometimes have things for the boys.

Green Faery’s Fairyland has been set up to bring you more information about the wonderful world of fairies, so we can all share in the magic.


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