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If you know some fairies who are in the market for a new house, then look no further than Fairy Woodland. John Curtis Crawford and his wife Bridget Wolfe create magnificant homes for the fairies at the bottom of the garden.

Prices start at around the $180 mark, but can go anywhere up to around $3,500 for a custom made fairy house. Shipping to Australia can be a bit tricky due to srict customs laws, but their site is stall great to check out.

A Fairy Woodland Fairy House is not “made” or “handcrafted” – like all living creatures, it’s “born.”  The disparate pieces like twigs, stones, shells, sea glass, come together in a bed of sand – a kind of primordial “ooze” – from which they emerge as a coherent, unique creation. 



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I wouldn’t normally encourage the capture of fairies (as that is not very nice), but i couldn’t resist showing you these as they are just so cute:

Australian Gum Fairy

This little guy is ‘The Australian Gum Fairy’ and you can find him and many of his friends at The Friend Catchers. 


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